Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being a Church of God Family

I'm a born again christian and my spiritual birthday is february 22, 2009. You have a spiritual birthday when you received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior. From the day we were born, it is our a flesh birthday but we also have a spiritual birthday. Jesus Christ told Nicodemus that Flesh gives birth to a flesh and spirit give birth to a spirit and He also said that everyone must be "Born Again". Being a Born Again, it is not just a name of a religious group. It a serious matter for those who do not know about it.When you are blessed all the time or from the day you were born, like you belong to a rich family, you have a lot of friends, faithfull friends and you have everything you ask for, sometimes we forget about God. That all things you have received it is also from God but the sad things is many people don't realize this. They often think that all from their own effort they have this "earthly things" which is not a biggest factor for you to be complete. Those are temporary.. But God is faithful God, a loving Heavenly Father, His Love unconditionally that no matter how you will ignore Him, He always there for you, continue to bless you and love you exactly of who and what you really are.. When the storm of your life comes and you don't know what to do. When you think that nobody can help and understand you, and you called unto Him for a help through prayer, He will not leave you nor forsake for He will answer for those who believes in Him. God will not abandon you, trust Him with all of your heart completely and you will see what God can do for you. You will see and experience His presence and His showering upon you and you will be Born Again. God change your life that no one else can even ourselves.

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