Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Experience God by His creation

It was April 4, 2009, me and my churchmates went up to climb a mountain. Our venue was Batangas, a Mount Makulot Mountain. Everybody was so excited including me because most of us are first time to climb a mountain. We are accompanied by our Ministry Head and some of young adult men co visitation ministry workers. It was our fellowship together. As I walked towards the feet of the mountain, I greet several residence that living there. They are living in a stress free way I thought. As we come nearer, our excitement burst from our faces. We have seen trees, birds singing and huge grass that almost cover us. I feel comfortable that day. I could feel a fresh air coming in and coming out from my nostrils. I couldn’t hear a noise from vehicles. I feel the silence and God as well. When we started to climb and grab the roots for us to make ourselves up, at first, I think, it is this easy to climb? As I climb longer, I could feel the heavy of my body and the bag pack I carried along the way. It seems like, it pushes you down even harder as I tried myself up even harder, that every step you made, It feels like you have a ball of rock that tied around your ankle and pull you down and much more than that, I could feel the heat, sunlight tapped against my skin and sometimes raining. I feel hungry, thirsty and tired but I said to myself, I won’t give up. I want to go at the top of this mountain and see the great things done by our Heavenly Father. I do not worry if my asthma attack but what’s on my mind was that, God is with me, He will never leave me nor forsake me. He won’t abandon me and I know He knows what’s in my heart that I have faith that I can do this with the help of Him. I can see my co workers grab each other hand, helping each other, that our desire was all of us can reach the top no matter how hard it is. In spite of my weakness, I found myself smiling and see how God moves in the midst of our troubled. We stopped every lap we reach to take a rest and recharge energy. And at last, I reach the top. It was unexplainable feeling that I just want to raise my both hands and worshiped God. I saw places that I’ve never seen before. I can see houses from above; I can see all the creations made God. Away from my stressful work. It is how wonderful to feel the Holy Presence of God. As if He is just beside you that you could find a true peace and true joy because God is in your heart.

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