Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life
I heard about this Book while I’m not still a Born Again Christian about years ago during my college days. I heard them say, it is a nice Book that has a great message to all of us. So, I was thinking what kind of Book is that that everybody was talking about? I never heard a Book that famous to talk about. When my friend celebrates her birthday, that Book was my gift to her. I search it in a Book Store and buy it. That was the first time I saw that Book, I just stare at the front cover and read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I didn’t find it so interesting even the design of the cover, there’s a question saying “What on earth am I here for?”. Well, I decided to give it to her because I’m hoping that she will like it and appreciate it as well and I didn’t know what kind of gift I will give to her rather. Funny thing, I didn’t dare to read it for long, I just scan the front pages and read some of words there just to know what Purpose Driven Life is all about. It was February 22, 2009 when I became a Born Again Christian. Many of my Church mates mention this Book and the famous Book came again to my senses. By November of 2010, I was at the mall particularly at Book Sales looking for this Book. You can buy Books at this Book Store in a very low price. I found this Book in a Hard Bound Copy that if you buy it in any Book Store, it will cost more expensive. I’m glad that I have a copy although there’s some hand written on it (because it is a second hand book), I’m still blessed of what the Book says about our life here on earth. That everybody can be friends with God, our Heavenly Father, always been a Perfect Father, Loving Father and a Faithful One. This Book will enhance your personal relationship with God, The Father that you will know more about Him. This Book has a 40 chapter that you will read day by day, one chapter a day and you can provide your personal notebook if you want to say anything that you discover or how you feel about the chapter. You will learn to trust God the more you know Him better, learn from His words everyday of your life. You are not born into this world for nothing; God has a purpose to all of us that you will discover in every step of faith towards Him. Knowing your purpose will change the way you spoke, think and act. Read His words, The Bible. Communicate with Him through prayer and surely your relationship with Him becomes stronger.

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