Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Life Brings You?

As I grow older, I realized, Life isn’t easy. It was different when I was a kid, a child that knows nothing. Life is good, full of surprises, adventures and sometimes, bad. God said, Life is not always about good things. What would happen if all our desires were met? God’s ideas of good things in Life are different from people. God’s knows, we must have our storm of Life, I should say, problems comes our way, for us to have a rainbow. We must know our mistakes and admit it and learn from it. Unfortunately, many people can’t accept it. They choose to stay forever happy, which sometimes turn a person to be selfish. These kinds of people know nothing about Life and know nothing about God. Well, I guess, their time hasn’t come yet for them to realize what Life is all about. When I was in grade school, I thought, Life was just going to school, learn new things as I grew up and after school, went out and play with my friends. That was my everyday routine of my Life. When I was in high school, you heard your classmates teasing together with their crushes and going out and sometimes, having drinking session with them. When I was in college (which I had enjoyed), I had my permanent friends classmates, that after classes, I always been with them. Lunch with them, having break time with them, studying with them, going to the malls after classes and laughing out with them. During our classes, we had exchange scratch papers that had a simple note there, just a simple notes that’s made me happy. Our universities had a lot of school activities that we had enjoyed together. I had enjoyed my college Life that I almost forget about God. When my storm of Life came, I couldn’t help myself but cry, I just couldn’t stopped my heart from bleeding and I felt I was all alone. Then I remember God, God that has always been there but I was busy and I didn’t notice Him. God that always there for me through bad and good times. I called out to Him, cry and knelt my knees before Him. I said a serious prayer and God is so good that He answered me, He never turn His back on me but He touches me and change me the way I am right now. If I will look back at the past, I would say that, that those past failures and pains had teaches me and mold me for being who I am today. We can’t change the past or whatever we’d done in the past but the truth is, our past changes us in the future and become a better person. Meaning to say, we can’t never be right unless we admit our wrongs or failures. God is always ready to forgive all of our sins, if we are going to admit it, ask His forgiveness, leaving our sins behind and learn from it. As you grow older, you will realize day by day what Life brings you just as like, when you were a child, your physical image will change as you grow. My interest also has changes, I love to have a cup of coffee, taking pictures of different kind of events and going out different places. But what I had discovered very important both Heaven and Earth of what my Life brings me in is that, that I have my personal relationship with God, that I know how good is our God, how He loves us very much in spites of all our failures. Having personal relationship with God will covered everything. You can face everything in life and you can survive because you know God is always there for you. Thank You Heavenly Father.

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