Thursday, September 30, 2010

The math and science quiz bee

I had my brother whose taking a Bachelor`s degree major in Civil engineering . and last Monday that he told me that he is the one who choose of her professor that he is the representative of their section, and he wants me that I am the one who attend with him. Then when I am in the chair and I see him with the other contestants of that quiz bee I felt nervous and I don’t know why and when I got to look in my brother he is looked like that he never felt nervous and always smilled, then when the competition start my brother became seriously he is doing of his best and when I see the question I can say its very terrible I dont know how to solve it but my brother did it, and all of the contestants are very good also because they are really bright and yet they also know the right answer and before announcing of the winner I am really nervous because only three of them are getting which is 3rd 2nd and the champion then I am not expecting that my brother will enter in that place because all of them are bright, then I felt that I am nervous when the top 3 are calling and in 3rd place my brother did not called and also in 2nd place and I felt sad because I think that he is not called but my brother make me proud when he is called that he is the champion of that competition and I cry because iam really happy for him and I told him that he continue the good in school and he replied ``opo ate`` and I smiled so that now I am very thankful with the God that my brother has a gift for him.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Cakes

I love cakes. My friend celebrates her birthday and I bought her a cake as my gift to her. It so wonderful to have a picture a cake, it was like a picture of happiness of everyone’s birthday. I also love the taste of cakes, the sweet and chocolate flavor inside of it. I also love the design of different kind of cakes in different kind of occasion. My friend was happy that I treat her for a birthday cake. She told me that no one ever dare to treat her a cake and no one treat like this the way I treat her and she also told me that, this is the most memorable birthday she have.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honda XRM

I experience riding on motorcycle last December its Christmas eve. I really love the experience because you can felt the cold breeze of the environment and you can see the happy ambience of the colorful environment came from Christmas lights and happy children because they are really excited for the Christmas. And the motor has a good sound its not noisy and is smooth even you are very speed. And this motor is Honda xrm you can feel that you are safety with this motor.

Pinoy! Foodz

I love spicy food! And here in the Philippines the expert in the spicy is the bicolanos and one of their dishes that I really love is called Laing its taste spicy and it is also perfect with a partner of Tuyo or daing ( dry fish) and my neighbor always gave me laing when she cooked and I really like it. Its very tasty and spicy and she is from bicol so that she knew the taste of Bicolanos laing!

Monday, September 27, 2010

JUNE 7, 2010

First day of school, I promised to myself that I will study very well this school year. I need to focus my attention to have a brighter future. I need time management so I can do things in time and as organize as possible. I don’t know what will happen to me this school year, and I hope that I’m going to pass all my subjects. I will do my best and strive harder in order to have pass and high grades in all my subjects. I will sacrifice all my leisure to have brighter days.


It is 2:00 a.m., I woke up. I prepare my clothes for the Alay Lakad 2010. Its 3:00a.m., when I finished fixing. When I arrived at the Kadiwa, I was surprised because I am the first one in the venue. I came before the officers arrived. I’m the first cadet in the formation then some cadets came late. Its 4:30 a.m. when all platoon were ready to move along the highway. The walk took slowly. There were many participants from different GOs, NGOs, schools, and barangays. All participants were very happy and they enjoy the walk. I saw different reactions and emotions from the participants, some are in high spirits and some are tired of walking. Its 6:00a.m., when we arrived at the Walter Mart. There were programs waiting for the participants. The program starts with a prayer, and then followed by the National Anthem. Many students from different schools performed. As the program ended, I saw my high school friends and cheerfully greet each other. I went home together with my classmates and I’m very happy for the new experience added to my life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I asked my classmates how they think of me, they told me that I’m very greed and wicked person. No one likes me and they curse me with all their heart. I always fight with my neighbors and I hate them. They say that I am the worst person ever lived in this world. But when I met a friend, my life changed. He teaches me to be a better person. He invited me to go with him and attend a mass. We read Bible together and we always pray to God. He helps me to know the goodness and holiness of God. I become a servant of God and now I’m living a Christ-like life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Transforming for new level

College life is very interesting. I met new classmates and new friends. I faced new challenges and trials, but I find it happy. They said that college life is like high school life, but I tell you, it’s not.
During high school days, students have their notebooks, notebooks for different subjects. Large enough bag for the notebooks and books. Recess is the favorite subject of all. JS PROM is the most awaited activity of all, were 3rd year students are hoping to 4th year students to be their partner. And lastly, the Graduation Day, the saddest day in the life of a high school student.
In college, we don’t need to have notebooks, one is enough. Photocopies are the fads. Recess is used to make assignments and unfinished activities. College Night is the night much waited for, there were live bands, dance groups, booths and many more. Graduation is the time that you should not miss. It is the time to reap the fruit of your labor and the start of never attending school again.


Choco cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies, is my favorite snack. I crave for it every now and then and every time I ate it, I feel very happy and energize. I ate it everyday, three times a day! I feel sad if I miss eating Cookies. For me, it is the key and the lock of my day, I start my day with it and before I sleep, I ate t cookies. My stomach always wants it. cookies is already part of my life, I can’t live without it, and I am certified cookie-Oholic.

Wish I could have that one

Every day I travel 40 km from my home to my work and its not easy to travel that, you been experience a very traffic morning very polluted environment and of course many kind of vehicles. And I saw this vehicles for me the look of this vehicle is a big WOW! I really like the style and I think that this vehicle is really satisfy my travel hobbies it is big and when you get inside on that you very comfortable and 40 km everyday? That`s not my problem anymore! and this vehicles is the Toyota Furtuner!. But in this time I think I cant have that because it is really big money for me so that I Wish I could have someday.

Certified Ice cream lover!

I really love sweet food specially after eating just for desert. And my favorite desert is an Rocky road ice cream I really love of this ice cream it has a marshmallow and peanuts mixed together with power full chocolate syrup! Everyday I ate that ice cream because I think if I cant eat that I will consider that The world will end for me! So that my office mate called me that I am Certified an ice cream lover!

Friday, September 24, 2010

This is it!

I really love to watch a movies specially a suspence, horror and magical!. Its been a year that I wait that the two major I love movies! And those are: The resident evil and The harry potter! And all we know that this movies had a series and this month of September10th the resident evil (after life) is now showing and the harry potter this November! Iam so excited to watch that movies so that I can say this is it! This is the moment that i`d been wait.

Acne treatment

I thought that theirs nothing Solution on my acne problem I been using a almost an acne product that they said that my acne will disappear and yet this good words became nothing and I found that I have a lot of money that I brought for that product is for nothing. Then my friends suggested to me that should I consult in dermatologist then I did then the dermatologist tell me that I need to have a acne treatment then I said yes.. and after a 3 session I found the result my face became firm and soft and its look like a baby face and now I really enjoy my new face thanks for the acne treatment.

Contact lens is much better in eye glasses

Since when I was a child I have 300-400 grade on my eye and I been using an eye glasses. And I found out that eye glasses is not fulfill my comfortness yes, you can see better! But you should handle it better because its Fragile so in case of mine I been travel a 40 km a day so I should care for this. And I realize that contact lens is better because lately I thought that contact lens is not good but when I try it I found that its better you don’t have a mind that you have a fragile thing in your bag and it easy to carry you don’t look a mature on your age and yet you look elegant because you have a choice of the color on lens in my case I use a transparent lens.

My havaianas fliflops!

Every rainy season when I got to my work Iam really stress because my feet and my foot wear are became wet and its causing an irritating feeling and of course a bad odor to my foot. When I told my mother about this problem she suggested that I should buy a slipper. then I saw the havaianas flipflops and I really like it because its eye catcher because of the elegant style and you can wear it in summer season and your fashion is still in and fashionable and its really comfortable to wear specially when your feet is wet and now the rainy season its not my problem when I got to work.

Charice on Glee!

I am really I maze with this beautiful and simple girl. For me she is one of kind she can hit a very highest notes so that all of the people who watch of her is amaze and she is Charice pempengco. She is only 17 yr of age and now she is really known in Hollywood and yet all over the world and iam not wondering of her career because she is good person Good singer so that God will bless her and she became very famous when Oprah Winfrey see her on singing contest in Korea and she sung And Iam Telling You.. And now the simple girl from laguna of the Philippines is now in The beautiful TV show called GLEE and I watch her and she did very well so now support the Glee show enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Laptop Bag

There are two kinds of Laptop Bags. One is called a sling bag, a bag like a shoulder bag and other is a bag pack, a bag on your back. I buy my laptop bag which is the bag pack because I think it is more comfortable to carry the laptop while inside of the bag pack and I feel that my laptop is safe with this kind of bag. When you look inside of it, you can see the padded to protect your laptop against harmful situation it might have. And I was so amazed that you can place your important documents inside except the laptop and it well organized because of so many pockets that exclusive for papers.

SLR Camera

I had joined the Church Convention last April 1-3, 2010. One of my seat mate, group mate and roommate at the Convention brought her SLR Camera. It was my first time to see the camera on close up because I often see it at the mall from a camera store. At first, I didn’t appreciate it because I think it was heavy to carry and I didn’t think that it has a beautiful shot though I know that it is also expensive. When she started using it that was the time that I realized how wonderful its shot is. So whenever I see this kind of camera, I dreamed that someday I can buy on my own.

My MSI Notebook

I have my own notebook computer. It is very easy to carry because it is small; I don’t have a hard time to carry it anywhere I go. I like the screen and keypad also. Before, I longing to have my own when I was still a student, I lost my hope because it is too expensive but now I have my own because I have work, I just couldn’t believe I’m having it right now but of course, I’m glad. My friends are happy for me. I can have still communication to them through internet using my notebook. And I thank God always for the blessing He has given me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coffee Experience

I love coffee. Especially after I ate lunch, I considered it as my desert. I also love the ambiance of the coffee store. I can read my favorite books or surfing the net through my laptop while I’m taking my favorite coffee. I like to see the different design of coffee they make, like vanilla on top and there’s a line of chocolate on it. Sometimes, it looks like a heart shape, very artistic. I also like the smell of coffee while their doing it inside the store. I don’t worry about the price because it is affordable and I’m very satisfied to the taste of their coffee they made.

Canon Digital Camera

I want to capture every happiest moment of my life. And now that I’m part of Christian Family, my desire to buy my own camera became stronger because there are so many events happened inside and outside the Church. I don’t want to miss the thing to capture those moments. I want cameras that will extremely beautiful shot especially at night so I can have a clear view during night events. I’m planning to buy it on December because that’s the time I have enough money to buy it. I just can’t wait, I feel so excited.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Emotional Side of Harry Potter Series

I was so amazed about this book and the emotional feeling of Harry that portrait in the story. When Harry James Potter reached of age of 11 years old, he was started to ask about his parent’s identity and how they are died to his aunt, who raised him up and doesn’t care for him. But sadly, his aunt didn’t say anything about Harry’s parents. During his first year at Hogwarts, he found out about the Mirror of Erise, which you can see what you want to see through the reflection of the Mirror. And the first time in his life, Harry saw his parents smiling back at him. Harry saw his father’s hand holding his shoulder through the reflection of the Mirror but when he turned his head behind his back, he saw nothing. Harry touched his father’s hand on his shoulder but in reality, harry touched only his shoulder but through the reflection of the Mirror, he touched his father’s hand. Harry stepped forward to the Mirror and touched it as if he can touch both his parents. In this scene, I felt pity for Harry Potter. It simply shows how he missed his parents; he never met them nor sees them because they died when he was a baby. Someone had killed them and he killed Harry Potter too but fortunately, Harry Potter survived because his mother’s love shielded him and that encounter leaved Harry that it can never erase anymore, a lighting scar on his forehead. A scar that makes Harry Potter became famous because no one can survive on that kind of attack and Harry Potter did. But for harry, he doesn’t need to be famous. That scar was extremely proof how he’s parents died. What on earth he will do for that scar when the exchange for that was losing his love ones? Harry Potter once visited his parent’s grave in Godric’s Hollow. On the top of their grave, Harry saw his father and mother’s statue holding a baby without a scar on his forehead, as if a simply happy family picture that showed on the old statues.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My spirit of sadness

When my pain leaved me a mark on August 2007, it was a terrible day for me, it changes me. I felt hopeless and helpless. But when I learned to look God as my hope and helper, it changes me as well. I begun to have more friends at church and ministries and I decided to commit my life to God who gave me strength and begun to change my life as well. As I doing my ministry in serving God and for the people of God, though I am enjoying and being proud that God use me for His glory, I keep asking myself “is this what God wants me to do?” “Is this the purpose of my life here on earth?” But before I joined the ministry, I have this feeling that I never felt before in my whole life. As if somebody whispering in my ear and in my heart that He wants to see me doing these things in the ministry and for all the people here on earth. But then, I’m just beginning to lose my interest in the ministry because I want to do something else not because I don’t want God anymore, not because I don’t want to serve Him anymore and serving people but it just that I don’t want to stay focus on there for the rest of my life. I keep on searching for happiness that I lost on August 2007; I keep striving for it for me to cover myself of happiness than sadness. I know that God didn’t promise that I will be healed emotionally once that I accept Him, being a Born Again Christian, is not like laying on bed of roses but rather on bed of torn roses. I also believe that God didn’t give us a problem that we can’t solve; He never gave us a burden heavier than we can carry. Life without a problem is worthless. I’m longing for deep kind of friendship or maybe a relationship; I want somebody to become my permanent friend or maybe a partner. I believe that God is always there for me, take care of me but I was tired of believing on things that it cannot be seen. I have friends, many friends in the church but none of them seem to be my closest friends. When I left the church, I was all alone. I want somebody to be with me wherever I go; I don’t want a person to be with me if I go one place to another. Of course, I don’t want to have relationship in person all alone but I want a relationship both God and to the person I loved. I just can’t control my feelings from being sad whenever I’m alone, it make the wounds stronger pain than before and I admit that I can’t never healed myself just by being with someone that later on will gone. I had my best friend before when we were in high school but when I continue my study in college and she did not, our conversation and being together become lessen. Too late that I knew, she was pregnant and I know eventually, she will go to have her own family. And that day, I decided to continue not to have relationship with her the way we had done before not because I’m angry for not telling me her whereabouts but because I realized that she’s now having a new life different from mine so I let her go, Plus the fact that her treatment to me will never be same anymore. A friend once told me, “It’s difficult to keep the faithfulness of the person” but God can, He is faithful to me even though I’m not faithful to Him. He is faithful to each one of us. And He loved us very much. I have told God through prayer in all of these, I’m not trying to be rude. I’m just being true and open because I know that God understand my needs as a human and I know that He know what exactly is in my heart although I’m not going to tell Him through prayer, He would know still. I had once read an article, it says “The things that made us hurt is the same things will heal us”. I also pray to God that someday, I will overcome this spirit of sadness and I pray that someday, someone will come along to be with me for the rest of my life and together we will experience the Holy Presence of God as we bond ourselves together with His love.