Friday, September 10, 2010

Emotional Side of Harry Potter Series

I was so amazed about this book and the emotional feeling of Harry that portrait in the story. When Harry James Potter reached of age of 11 years old, he was started to ask about his parent’s identity and how they are died to his aunt, who raised him up and doesn’t care for him. But sadly, his aunt didn’t say anything about Harry’s parents. During his first year at Hogwarts, he found out about the Mirror of Erise, which you can see what you want to see through the reflection of the Mirror. And the first time in his life, Harry saw his parents smiling back at him. Harry saw his father’s hand holding his shoulder through the reflection of the Mirror but when he turned his head behind his back, he saw nothing. Harry touched his father’s hand on his shoulder but in reality, harry touched only his shoulder but through the reflection of the Mirror, he touched his father’s hand. Harry stepped forward to the Mirror and touched it as if he can touch both his parents. In this scene, I felt pity for Harry Potter. It simply shows how he missed his parents; he never met them nor sees them because they died when he was a baby. Someone had killed them and he killed Harry Potter too but fortunately, Harry Potter survived because his mother’s love shielded him and that encounter leaved Harry that it can never erase anymore, a lighting scar on his forehead. A scar that makes Harry Potter became famous because no one can survive on that kind of attack and Harry Potter did. But for harry, he doesn’t need to be famous. That scar was extremely proof how he’s parents died. What on earth he will do for that scar when the exchange for that was losing his love ones? Harry Potter once visited his parent’s grave in Godric’s Hollow. On the top of their grave, Harry saw his father and mother’s statue holding a baby without a scar on his forehead, as if a simply happy family picture that showed on the old statues.

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