Saturday, September 25, 2010

Transforming for new level

College life is very interesting. I met new classmates and new friends. I faced new challenges and trials, but I find it happy. They said that college life is like high school life, but I tell you, it’s not.
During high school days, students have their notebooks, notebooks for different subjects. Large enough bag for the notebooks and books. Recess is the favorite subject of all. JS PROM is the most awaited activity of all, were 3rd year students are hoping to 4th year students to be their partner. And lastly, the Graduation Day, the saddest day in the life of a high school student.
In college, we don’t need to have notebooks, one is enough. Photocopies are the fads. Recess is used to make assignments and unfinished activities. College Night is the night much waited for, there were live bands, dance groups, booths and many more. Graduation is the time that you should not miss. It is the time to reap the fruit of your labor and the start of never attending school again.


  1. I cant wait to get to college. Still in high school atm, 2 more years to go >.<

  2. !reallyi hope my blog is really inspired you!:) and i hope you hav a correct of choice:)