Sunday, September 26, 2010


I asked my classmates how they think of me, they told me that I’m very greed and wicked person. No one likes me and they curse me with all their heart. I always fight with my neighbors and I hate them. They say that I am the worst person ever lived in this world. But when I met a friend, my life changed. He teaches me to be a better person. He invited me to go with him and attend a mass. We read Bible together and we always pray to God. He helps me to know the goodness and holiness of God. I become a servant of God and now I’m living a Christ-like life.


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  2. I personally do not believe the entity "God" but I do believe that the values that the bible preaches, are true. Its just a personal opinion but I'm still glad that through the bible and god you have became a better person