Thursday, September 30, 2010

The math and science quiz bee

I had my brother whose taking a Bachelor`s degree major in Civil engineering . and last Monday that he told me that he is the one who choose of her professor that he is the representative of their section, and he wants me that I am the one who attend with him. Then when I am in the chair and I see him with the other contestants of that quiz bee I felt nervous and I don’t know why and when I got to look in my brother he is looked like that he never felt nervous and always smilled, then when the competition start my brother became seriously he is doing of his best and when I see the question I can say its very terrible I dont know how to solve it but my brother did it, and all of the contestants are very good also because they are really bright and yet they also know the right answer and before announcing of the winner I am really nervous because only three of them are getting which is 3rd 2nd and the champion then I am not expecting that my brother will enter in that place because all of them are bright, then I felt that I am nervous when the top 3 are calling and in 3rd place my brother did not called and also in 2nd place and I felt sad because I think that he is not called but my brother make me proud when he is called that he is the champion of that competition and I cry because iam really happy for him and I told him that he continue the good in school and he replied ``opo ate`` and I smiled so that now I am very thankful with the God that my brother has a gift for him.


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  2. of course! its my pleasure to be with you guys! :)