Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marvelous Taheebo

Every now and then i had my asthma i thank God that my asthma is not severe asthma. And sometimes when i got to my work i am still experiencing the asthma i think because of the travel and being tired, And my mother told to me that i had my weak immune system so i should to take a vitamins that boost my immune system, then i consult to the doctor because i am taking a vitamin E i don`t know if its bad or good that two vitamin i take everyday. And he told me that it is alright that i take vitamin e for night and taheebo in the morning then he gave me a herbal vitamin called taheebo because taheebo is one of the powerful herbs with loads of healing properties. like Taheebo can help strengthen the immune system, to help resist chronic diseases, Its antifungal and antibiotic properties is used in the treatment for candidiasis, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer), pyorrhea, intestinal infection, athlete's foot, herpes and a variety of fungal and viral infections,Supports the normal blood function,Helps the body replenish vital elements,Improve appetite,Assist in the detoxification process,It is also reported to help in AIDS/HIV cases,Helps prevent and cure ulcers, diabetes and rheumatism. So i was amaze with this tree or plant because it has a lot of health benefits to our body!

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